Update: The Nike Training Challenge Social Media Experiment

We’re in the middle of the fourth week of the Nike Training Challenge. Quick reminder, the Nike Training App offers over sixty workouts total, in three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. The goal is to complete all the workouts and tweet throughout the challenge. We’re trying to find out if Nike will pick up on the chatter over Twitter.


Participants have completed around ten of the beginner workouts and soon we’ll only have two weeks left the first session and participants are enjoying the workouts! People like being held accountable to their friends and co-workers, and appreciate the variation among the workouts. Some people are completing the workouts outside, some in their apartments and some at the gym.  I invested in hand weights and a medicine ball so I have the option to workout at home when I don’t feel like going to the gym. I’m sure my below-neighbor appreciates the jump roping at 6:15am (but I try to be really quiet and land on a yoga mat, that’s ok, right?), not to mention the weird squat and tuck jumps. We’re slowly attracting more people, this week recruited a friend who travels a lot and has been having a hard time sticking to workout plan. She loves it. Today she did a workout in Mali!


On average, I tweet a couple times a week about the challenge. It’s been a great way to make sure I’m regularly tweeting! Also, it’s been really fun to see who else is enjoying the challenge and what friends are saying. YAY Miryam!!!

I tweeted to @JeanetteJenkins about her crazy ab workout, but didn’t hear back. She’s very active and I was a little surprised and disappointed I didn’t hear back – I’m naïve, right?

My colleague, who is a very active Twitter user tweets each time she does a workout and we still haven’t capture Nike’s attention!  Here’s Thea’s feedback on how she likes incorporating Twitter into the workout program: “…it’s so much easier to be committed when there are people in the Twitterverse you’re accountable to but who are also going through the same program. It’s fun to finish a training and hop on Twitter and let your #NikeTraining friends know.”


Over the next week I will reach out to related companies, all through Twitter, and see if we can garner any attention. For example, I will tweet to @Gatorade, @nikeplus and continue to track the #niketraining hashtag.


How can we get Nike to notice our challenge?


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2 Responses to Update: The Nike Training Challenge Social Media Experiment

  1. Celeste says:

    I absolutely LOVE this social media experiment. Companies are experimenting with different uses of social media, and are always looking to explore additional options. It seems like Nike is active in the social media realm, so I think that as more people become involved with the experiment, it is more likely that the corporation will pick it up. It seems like it has already gained traction, and users are pleased with the program, so I think it will only be a matter of time before this all goes viral. Keep up the good work and good luck!

  2. As a user of the Nike Training App, I think it’s important to get others excited about it! Using social media to start a conversation that encourages users and keep us accountable is a great idea. It might not catch on right away, but I think you’re on the right track. Continually tweeting about our progress, challenges and results is a great way to show our enthusiasm for the app. I’ve only been using the Nike Training App for a week and I’m already so invested in it. It makes me feel great and it’s a quick way to fit a great workout into our already-full schedules! I’ll start using the #niketraining hashtag TODAY. I want people to know how great this app is too!

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