#NikeTraining App Challenge – are you in?

My colleague and I discovered the Nike Training App and instantly fell in love. She’s convinced she can replace her personal trainer with her iPhone, and I’m convinced I might have found a workout routine that will keep my attention, especially after we created the Nike Training App Challenge.  We’re pairing our intrigue for the App with a little social media experiment…


Nike Training App, Image from Nike.com

The App:

The App is specifically for women, and offers 4 categories of workouts:


The first three categories have 30-45 minute workouts in three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced; the GET FOCUSED category contains shorter 15 minute workouts.  Within LEAN, TONED and STRONG there are 18 workouts total.


After completing 60, 240, 420 and 780 minutes of workouts you unlock a rewards badge that reveals an exclusive bonus workout (abs, yoga, etc) or a recipe.  The App allows you to immediately sync your workouts to your profile, then post to Facebook or Twitter.

Rewards, Image from Nike.com

Our Challenge:

The goal of our challenge is to complete every workout featured on the App (there are over 60 workouts total). We’re starting with all the beginner workouts, and by completing 3 per week we’ll be done with all the Beginner workouts in 6 weeks. After we complete a level we celebrate (details pending), then we move on to Intermediate, then Advanced. The entire challenge will last 18 weeks.

Train, then Tweet!

The last component to the challenge involves social media. In addition to actually completing 3 workouts a week, we must tweet about it, using the hashtag #NikeTraining. We don’t tweet annoying post workout tweets “I feel so amazing, just completed another workout, I’m so strong!” We tweet fun comments, mostly specific to the workout itself “Who is Crazy Ivan and why does he move like that?” (Crazy Ivan is the name of an ab workout.)

The goal is to tell more people about the App, and see if Nike picks up on the tweets.

image from TweetDeck

We’re in the second week of the challenge and so far so good (and sore).  We have a group of 3-4 participants in the office, and would love for you to join us! #Nike Training.

Do you have great workout apps that you love?

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4 Responses to #NikeTraining App Challenge – are you in?

  1. Thanks for your review and introducing me to the Nike Training App. I like how it has a social function but I think it’s even better how you are stepping out of the digital world and actually having a challenge with your real-life colleagues. You’ve definitely inspired me to try it. I’m always interested in what motivates people to make healthy choices. Have you unlocked any of the awards badges yet? If so, do you think that this type of reward is compelling enough? I hope Nike realizes how word-of-mouth is stronger than any official corporate communication and picks up on your tweets. Good luck! I’m off to download.

  2. lizlevine says:

    I just read your post and you convinced me to download the Nike Training app. I love that it has not only different workouts, but also different levels. In the digital age, it seems like a lot of people – particularly in America – younger people get wrapped up in technology with video games, computers and television, and they have a tendency to neglect the need for physical activity. It’s refreshing to see video games (XBox Kinect, Nintendo Wii) encourage people to exercise while using the latest technology. It’s no surprise to see social media follow suit. Nike is really smart to get involved in the world of evolving technology and social media. It shows that Nike is on board with the latest trends, and that the company is more than simply shoes/equipment. I haven’t used the app yet, but I like the idea of having a personal trainer at my beck and call.

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