Altrusocialmedia – how altruism+social media is making a splash!

Social media giving platforms – so many options. Part 1

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According to, Altruism can be defined as:

1) The principle or practice of unselfish concern for the welfare of others, and;

2) The philosophical doctrine that right action is that which produces the greatest benefit to others.

Most of us have the desire to do good, whether by work, family, religion or society. I think one way this can be demonstrated is by the integration of social media giving options. There are tons of sites that provide opportunities to donate to, or join a cause, for your favorite non-profit organization. They allow organizations and individuals to use an established platform for giving and fundraising.

There seem to be three biggies in the industry (so far): Facebook Causes, Crowdrise and Jumo. There are a few smaller services that are hoping to make a splash (and which will be described in part 2, next week): FirstGiving, Razoo, TwitPay, ChipIn and Ammado.

But, in my opinion, it’s hard to keep them all straight and figure out how their different. With information from the company sites, Wikipedia and input from a friendly social media expert, I will try to dissect these services in simple terms.

Facebook Causes

What: From their site: A Platform to build tools for people to mobilize their friends for collective action, spread the word to friends of friends and acquaintances, and eventually launch movements that span local communities or even the globe.

Who: Created by Facebook

What people are saying: Causes seems to be the easiest to use and the most integrated of social giving platforms. People are using it but Facebook, as a social networking platform, is trying to differentiate itself from Facebook Causes, which is focused on good.


What: From their site: Crowdrise is about online fundraising, event fundraising, volunteering and having the most fun in the world while doing it.

Who: Founded by actor and activist Edward Norton, producer and activist Shauna Robertson, and the founders of Moosejaw, Robert and Jeffrey Wolfe. It has a lot of celebrity supporters and users.

What people are saying: It’s a good platform and meant to be entertaining, and it is. The company personality is different and raw. It has lost buzz since the initial launch in November 2010.


What: Jumo’s purpose is to connect people to causes before volunteering or donating.  They “make it easy to” find issues you care about, follow the issues, news and updates, and then eventually support their work with money and time.

Who: Founded and directed by Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook and director of online organizing for Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign.

What people are saying: It’s still in beta form and not providing the best information for the search topics. It also got a lot of buzz when it launched but users have to use Facebook to sign up.

Overall: People like and use Facebook Causes the most. Since most people are on Facebook it makes it easier to share information and garner support.  Have you used one of these tools? What do you think?

To be continued…

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2 Responses to Altrusocialmedia – how altruism+social media is making a splash!

  1. miryamgreene says:

    I’ve always had a desire to volunteer since I moved to the city a little over three years ago. But even with an altruistic motive, between being busy and lazy, I’ve had a hard time actually fulfilling this goal. I had never heard of any of the three and after reading your post checked them out. While all three are different, the goal of connecting people to volunteer, fundraise, or donate is paramount in each. However, my favorite of the three is easily Crowdrise. Even in the brief time I looked at the website, the writing is SO funny. Often, people volunteer because they feel guilty about not giving back and find it more of a hassle. Crowdrise aims to get people to volunteer and actually enjoy it as well. What a novel concept!

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