I made it, my first post!

Unbelievable. In the time I’ve agonized over the theme, direction and purpose of this blog I could have authored a novella. It is with great pleasure that I use this first post to touch on the many topics and potential uses I’ve considered for my new virtual space.

First, I thought it would be a great idea to dedicate the blog to a communication or PR topic or trend related to global development issues. Or, similarly I could track organizations I admire and use the blog as a space to post interesting links, news and related tidbits. Then, I could use this blog as an excuse to be in touch with the organizations (since I know some of them already) and remind them that I might be looking for work when I’m done with this program. Strategic and informative, yes, but then it started to feel like a lot of work. I’m not usually lazy, but I want this to be FUN not tedious. Scratch, for now.

Next, I thought it would be smart to relate it to my capstone project. I don’t know what that will be about yet, but I figured this could be a tool to help me sort through my ideas and come to the highly anticipated Ah-ha moment. In fact, I was so certain this would be the blog topic I wrote the “about” section with energetic ignorance, then discovered just one hour later that I will have to propose my capstone project in just two weeks in a research class (no ideas yet). This blog will be in existence for at least 87 more days, so scratch again. (But I left the “about” section up for now.)

Two hours after I realized I have 13 days to come up with a capstone topic, I had another idea. Why don’t I just relax about this blog and make this fun? I’m always making mental notes about great new websites, ideas and people I come across – typically related to PR, communications or social media, maybe this can be a landing space for these discoveries!

Before I finished forming this idea, but managed to finally win another round of Angry Birds, I heard a woman say, “You know what I like about Microwaves? You don’t have to worry if you remembered to turn it off!” I thought that was hilarious, so I wrote it in my iPhone notes section where I keep all the other random and funny things people (and professors) say.  Finally, I had a baby Ah-ha moment (or I’m just craving one so badly I misidentified it for a simple idea). Presto! I will use this space to collect the great quotes, note the innovative organizations, dissect the great tweets and store anything else that I think is worth holding on to. Because so often, great finds are fun and exciting – but only if I remember. This will be my capsule!

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One Response to I made it, my first post!

  1. Kmeiser says:

    Congrats on this first post. I was relieved to see that others had a hard time knowing where to get started. Sometimes when you least expect it (especially when you stop thinking so hard about it), ideas come to you. It looks like that is exactly the case here, and I’m sure it will work out. Funny how we put so much pressure and stress on ourselves!

    It is always interesting to see another’s thoughts and ideas, so I look forward to exploring your blog and hearing more funny stories (the microwave joke is hilarious and totally something my grandmother would say).

    Keep up the great work.

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